Seconded Professional Services

With the diverse range of services and skills our company offers it has been a natural development for us to offer Professional Services to assist on the client side of the project delivery model. We draw experienced people from our project and apply them to satisfy our clients staffing needs on a short and medium term duration.

Project controls and technical services:

  • Cockram can draw on its global pool of expert staff to provide services to clients in project management and project support areas.
  • Our extensive international experience in construction, EPCMV, and project delivery in challenging technical fields provides Cockram with well trained staff with the skills to manage projects.
  • Industries serviced include: Pharmaceuticals / Biotech, Industrial, Laboratories, Telecommunications , Health Care and Defence.
  • Cockram staff are familiar with complex projects and rigorous standards for safety, regulations, documentation, sustainability, commissioning and validation.



  • Strong organisational culture focused on project control for delivery of complex construction projects.
  • Cockram’s varied project sizes, types and locations provide our staff with broad background and unique skill sets.
  • Culture that has encouraged staff rotation between USA, China, India and Australia.
  • Culture  built on trust, excellence, integrity, innovation, safety, and persistence.


Services offered

  • Project Management Services (Owner’s Representative)
  • Capital Project Management Planning Process
  • Site Master Planning
  • Construction Management
  • Schedule planning and management
  • Construction Scheduling
  • Project and Construction Estimating
  • Cost Controls
  • Subcontractor selection and management
  • Quality Management
  • Design Management
  • Facility Commissioning and Validation
  • Procurement and Supply Chain Management
  • Project / Contract Administration Support


Project Controls

  • Project Controls are the tools and resources used to control safety, quality, cost and time parameters on projects. It is the mindset of maintaining focus on budget management while achieving project delivery goals.
  • Any organisation completing project-based works, needing stringent control of time and cost can benefit from Cockram’s project controls systems.
  • Fundamental to our approach is the continual knowledge of the “Forecast Cost to Complete”.


Benefits of Project Controls

  • Tight Control
    • Timely prediction of project outcomes
    • Confident reporting
    • Accurate cashflow forecasting
  • Flexibility
    • Resources available to meet project requirements
    • Reports tailored to meet client requirements
    • Tools and resources tailored to meet project needs
  • Cost Benefit
    • Early identification of problems
    • Opportunity for resolving issues
    • Feedback mechanism
  • Client Confidence
    • Accurate decision making
    • Systems based on forecasting combined with actual costs
    • Integrity of data and system support


Technical Services Customers

  • Services Clients
    • Ericsson
    • Pfizer
    • Alcan
    • Rentech
    • Amgen
    • Wyeth
    • Vulcan
    • Genentech / Roche
    • GlaxoSmithKline
    • Johnson & Johnson
    • Lilly
    • Bristol-Myers Squibb