Design Management

Cockram provides professional design management services in order to fully manage projects from the inception stage through to the completion of documentation.

Design management services include:

  • Developing scope for architectural and engineering design services.
  • Assessing and appointing consultants.
  • Developing and managing design schedule, and identifying critical path activities.
  • Planning and coordinating design consultants and activities.
  • Liaising with the client including progress reporting.
  • Troubleshooting and resolving design issues.
  • Documenting and managing change control, including collating, and disseminating information.
  • Coordinating budgetary / cost planning activities.
  • Value managing and Value Engineering.
  • Implementing and following quality assurance procedures.
  • Liaising with authorities and regulatory bodies for planning and building permits.
  • HAZOP Studies (where applicable).
  • Planning and managing procurement for long lead items or trades.
  • Assessing design buildability and speed of construction.
  • Coordinating with the construction team for fast-track construction activities.
  • Ensuring that the design will meet the client’s budgetary, time and quality requirements, through early involvement in the design of the project