Global Locations

Our success has been underpinned by our international knowledge, company systems and the mobility of our experienced personnel, which allows us to confidently offer project solutions anywhere in the world.

From our Australian head office location in Melbourne we have expanded nationally throughout Australia and internationally. Cockram enjoys a significant Asian presence and an emerging presence in America.

Cockram’s first overseas expansion was to China in 1993 and today we enjoy significant and thriving business in China with four office locations.

We commenced operations in the Americas in 2000 and today have offices in Los Angeles and Orlando.

In 2008 we commenced operations in India with our office in Mumbai.

We entered the Themed environments sector in 2005 with the formation of Scenario, a Cockram company. We have theming production centres in China, Thailand, Los Angeles and Orlando. We operate a low-cost design and service centre in Manila.

Our success has been underpinned by our robust systems, talented people and pioneering spirit, which allow us to confidently offer project solutions throughout the world.