Motohiro Umehara

Executive Management and Directors of Cockram Construction

Motohiro Umehara
Chairman of the Board, Managing Director of Kajima Australia  
Motohiro is an accomplished executive with over 20 years in the construction industry who brings a wealth of international experience and a strategic approach to our business. He holds a Bachelor and a Master of Engineering in Architecture from The University of Tokyo and a Master of Science in Management from Stanford Graduate School of Business. He served at the Kajima head office in Tokyo in charge of the corporate planning and business plans. Since then, he provided leadership of the company in the USA as a vice president. Appointed as Managing Director of Kajima Australia in 2015 when Kajima entered the Australian market, he has continuously demonstrated his multifaceted skill-set and attention to detail whilst maintaining a clear vision in providing leadership to our fast-growing enterprise.  
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