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Baptcare Templestowe Orchards Community Project

VIC - Australia

This project is the first part of a multi-stage redevelopment of an existing aging independent living centre on the site. The project will provide a new home for existing residents and allow the following stages of the development to proceed.
The project included 150 bedrooms over four levels; dining, lounge and activities areas for residents; reception, office and staff facilities; a commercial kitchen; basement car parking; chapel; an internal courtyard: feature marble nurse-stations and external works, including new entry, soft landscaping and furniture.

The works include the demolition of an existing single storey Victorian dwelling and removal of non-protected trees. The retirement community remained operational during the entire redevelopment of the site and consideration to the client interface has been paramount in the delivery of this project.

Shenton College Stage 2

WA - Australia

Cockram’s WA division was recently awarded the $34M Shenton College Stage 2 project for the Government of WA – Building Management & Works division. JCY Architects were engaged as the Lead Consultant by the Department of Education. The project aims to provide facilities for 1000 senior school students and will comprise the construction of new buildings, alterations and additions to existing buildings, external works, landscaping, site services, car parking and roadworks.

The scope includes demolition of existing developments on the site and the construction on new works within specific sequences and separable portions. The new buildings will be located on the western side of the campus, nestled between the Shenton Bushland Reserve and the heritage-listed former Lemnos Hospital buildings.

Regis Chelmer Aged Care Facility

QLD - Australia

This 120 bed Aged Care project involves the construction of a new accommodation facility, which includes the refurbishment of an existing historical homestead ‘Pontresina’ house, which is located on the site. The facility will offer both low and high aged care services. It will incorporate a club services wing and a dementia specific wing. The facility will also include a cafe, cinema, hairdressing salon, eZone and landscaped gardens for residents to enjoy.As with most Aged Care Facilities Cockram have previously constructed, the Regis Chelmer Facility is located within an established residential suburb with adjacent neighbouring residential housing in close proximity to the site boundaries. Cockram Construction is highly experienced in construction within operational environments. Special considerations for this project includes programming activities in mind with extensive neighbourhood and community engagement, additional noise and dust controls and identification and management for the protection of trees and existing street scape.

Lion Dairy Distribution Centre

QLD - Australia

This project comprises of an extension to the facility that is currently in operation within the existing distribution centre site. Works include a new additional cool room and bio retention basin. The design has been incorporated with the construction of a 200m2 cool room along with associated roofing, civil and landscaping works. The project was complex due to the operational nature of the existing distribution centre at the front of the site. Therefore, careful planning and coordination of all activities was critical to the successful completion of the not only the Cool Room project, but also the core operational activities of the centre. This, coupled with construction traffic utilizing a shared access via the centres only operating driveway, shared use of the building busy loading bay and interface with the franchise owners and delivery trucks resulted in a challenging project.

QUT Refectory Refurbishment – C Block

QLD - Australia

The Queensland University of Technology C Block is located within the Kelvin Grove Campus. The C Block refurbishment involved Level 3 of the building in order to make it a destination retail precinct for the upper campus. The project included creating spaces for exciting and revitalised mix of food and beverage operators, a new bookshop and a modern and updated dining area. The in-depth consultation process was key to the success of the project, requiring a strong level of coordination with the facility staff in order to maintain access to the site while working in a building that was still occupied. The biggest challenge faced was the tight project time with teams working through the holidays to ensure that practical completion was reached before University was due to commence back in early 2016. This was completed successfully without delay, even with a 20% client initiated increase to scope.

The Mater Hospital Whitty Building Refurbishment

QLD - Australia

This facility provides a clinical teaching environment for students from the Mater Hospital and The University of Queensland, allowing medical, nursing, midwifery and allied health students to experience the best of theory and practice in a tertiary teaching hospital. The building now accommodates education and teaching spaces, administrative offices, student amenities and various business units. Refurbishment works included the movement of fire lines, cutting into and diversion of water, altering of mechanical chilled water, pneumatic tube relocation, stem relocation, existing hospital equipment relocation, isolation and disconnection of power boards, installation of breakers into existing power boards, and isolation of existing fire sprinkler pipes. The presence of staff, patients and visitors in the project surrounds meant that safety was a paramount operational consideration. The site was located within the busy Mater campus at South Brisbane which was in operation at all times.

The Mater Hospital Pathology Department Refurbishment

QLD - Australia

This project comprised of the refurbishment and extension to the existing facility currently in operation within the existing hospital site. Works included a new building located within a fully operational carpark, plus refurbishment of the existing laboratories of the Adult Hospital. The project was highly complex due to the operational nature of the hospital, with operating theatres directly below, and coronary care and intensive care units directly above. Therefore, careful planning and coordination of all activities was critical to the successful completion of not only the project, but also the core operational activities of the hospital. This, coupled with the only access point being via only a dual occupancy service lift, shared use of the building busy loading bay and constant interface with the public resulted in a challenging project. Additional difficulties faced by the team included the safe removal of asbestos and contaminated waste from with the building. Considerable time was spent on identifying the day to day running of hospital operations, so that construction works were able to continue in the most productive manner. Careful consideration was also placed on the style of hoardings and pressure control to reduce any nuisance caused by dust and odour.

ALDI Distribution Facility

QLD - Australia

This project was delivered under a Design and Construct contract with Cockram engaging Jacobs Engineering Group to deliver the design component of the works. The facility was constructed as part of the Brendale Connect Industrial development precinct, on the site of the former brickworks, approximately 18 Kilometers from the Brisbane CBD.

The project incorporated the design and construction of a 50,000m2 warehouse and office space facility which included the provisions of ambient warehouse space, storage and racking facilities, coolhouse facilities along with associated civil and landscaping works. The distribution centre is registered for Green Star – Industrial Design v1 rating and a 4 star Green Star rating.  Sustainable initiatives and design principles planned within the development included; water harvesting and recycling, energy efficiency and co-ordination within the refrigeration plant to eliminate synthetic refrigerants, and the minimisation of PVC and volatile organic compounds in its construction.


Auckland District Health Board LabPLUS, Pathology and Diagnostic PC3 Facility

Auckland - New Zealand

LabPLUS is the tertiary referral medical laboratory of Auckland City Hospital, New Zealand. LabPLUS is an IANZ accredited medical laboratory and is one of New Zealand’s premier laboratories. The scope involved the construction of a new LabPLUS PC3 facility as a standalone suite within a new additional level atop of the existing hospital building (Building 31), within the Auckland City Hospital Campus in Grafton. The PC3 facility is primarily a ‘Box in a Box’ construction and its isolation from the primary ‘Shell’ facility is maximised through isolation of walls and ceilings from the adjacent shell structure to address conditions posed through ever present seismic conditions in NZ. The PC3 Compartment comprises a large primary work suite with BHC’s, Warm cabinets, centrifuges, incubators, Pass-through Hatch; Decontamination Chamber, Autoclave, Fridges & a dedicated staining sink with integral waste effluent treatment system. It also includes two smaller suites for Culture and Microscopy, directly adjacent to the larger primary suite. The project was delivered within a fully operational environment.  Cockram’s prior experience in these types of projects has also resulted in the project benefitting from a considerable degree of Value Engineering.

Red Cross Blood Donor Centre

QLD - Australia

This project comprised of a complete renovation to the Upper Ground Level of 288 Edward street for the Australian Red Cross Blood Service (ARCBS).  This project was a part of an existing section of the Upper Ground level to the Building of 288 Edward Street, Brisbane. The building was fitted out to include a new collection area, waiting and refreshments areas, timber veneer reception area, interview rooms, administrative areas and project services. Existing Services were retained where possible and existing FF&E and sanitary fixings were successfully removed and stored for further future use. This project was part of a larger group of works that included the demolition, upgrade to existing services and complete fit out of the tenancy incorporating modern designs and architecture to newly upgraded ARCBS donor centers Australia wide.

Wesley Hospital Operating Theatres Redevelopment

QLD - Australia

This project involved the renovation of four existing theatres, along with the construction of three new theatres.

One of the new theatres is a state of the art hybrid style theatre which is only the second of its type in a Queensland private hospital. The works were undertaken within an existing hospital environment, and involved the extensive staging of works. During Stage one, two of the theatres were maintained and remained operational. Upon completion of the five theatres in Stage one, the remaining theatres were completed as Stage two. Cockram were responsible for supplying and installing all of the specialised theatre equipment, including the equipment for the Hybrid theatre. As part of the works the Air conditioning system was replaced, with a new roof mounted chiller unit to supply the seven new theatres. During the works it was imperative that communication with the Wesley Hospital Management team was maintained to ensure minimal disruption to the Hospital, particularly within the functional operating theatres.

Onslow Health Service Redevelopment

WA - Australia

The Onslow Health Service project for the Department of Finance – BMW (on behalf of the Department of Health, WA Country Health Service) was designed by Bateman Architects. The project will comprise of a new hospital building, associated external plant room, mechanical compounds and carport  including car parking, access road and service yard including all building services, site infrastructure and the like.

The project will be delivered over 5 separable portions, modifications to the existing facility are also required to enable construction of the new works without disruption to the existing service.

Katanning Health Service Redevelopment

WA - Australia

Katanning Health Service is an Integrated District Hospital Service situated within the Central Great Southern District of WA. The project forms part of the SIHI – Stream 2 program of works and will be delivered over 3 separable portions to construct a new Emergency Department and Ambulatory Care building including all associated external works and site services infrastructure.

Following main works is decommission and demolition of existing hospital buildings with refurbishment and services upgrades.

The premises will be occupied during the currency of the Contract. Cockram will ensure that it causes minimal inconvenience and disturbance to the occupants.

Narrogin Health Service Redevelopment

WA - Australia

Narrogin Health Service is located within the Southern Wheatbelt of WA and forms part of the WA Government’s Southern Inland Health Initiative (SIHI) – District Hospital Investment Program. Designed by Silver Thomas Hanley Architects, the redevelopment comprises new 34-bed inpatient unit, redevelopment of the Surgical Services and Sterilising Services function, consolidated Ambulatory Care Services including large new build & Birthing suite, new Dental Clinic & day Chemotherapy Unit, upgraded Pathology Department and more.

The works are broken down into 12 separable portions and will be carried out within an occupied operational site, careful management of the works program will be required to allow the hospital to function without disruption.

Harvey Health Service

WA - Australia

The Harvey Health Service redevelopment for the Department of Finance – BMW involves the creation of a new emergency department, upgrade and refurbishment of ambulatory, emergency and inpatient care, administration services and the upgrade of electrical, mechanical, hydraulic services and life safety systems. The project is a 2 stage construction process and Cockram will demonstrate compliance with Infection Control requirements in operational facilities, as the works will be occurring within an operational hospital

Bethesda Hospital OTEP

WA - Australia

The Bethesda Hospital is a privately owned and operated hospital offering acute surgical care in a range of clinical specialities and specialist palliative care. The Operating Theatre Expansion project (OTEP) has seen an increase to the operating capacity of Bethesda Hospital to a total of 9 theatres. The work was completed in 2 distinct packages across 4 seperable portions. This was a complex project involving construction immediately adjacent and within an operating theatre suite with significant environmental and infection control challenges and a requirement to integrate new with the existing, while the existing remained in-use

Sarich Neuroscience Research Institute

WA - Australia

Construction of a 8,900m² research facility, with clinical facilities on the ground floor, PC2 laboratories on the upper 3 floors and cryogenic archival storage at plant room level. The project comprises a 5 storey Neuroscience research facility, associated external works, minor modifications to adjacent buildings on QEII Medical Centre Campus and site/civil works.

Australian Red Cross Blood Service, Perth Processing Centre Refurb. Stg1-4

WA - Australia

Refurbishment and modernisation of the 55 year old Processing Centre. This major redevelopment will occur over five stages. The project will contain substantial construction and fit-out work including a high proportion of laboratory and production facility areas, storage and cold/freezer rooms, electrical and mechanical services upgrade, IT cabling, civil works specific to the operation of the Blood Service and thus governed by the Principles of Good Manufacturing & Good Engineering Practice.

Wesley College Moubray Street Project

Vic - Australia

The Moubray Street Project included the refurbishment of the Menzies Wing and Adamson Hall, and construction of a new Music and Performing Arts Centre. The project included a staged handover and was carried out while normal operations continued on campus.

Winner – Master Builders Excellence in Construction Awards 2014 Commercial Buildings $20M – $30M

Box Hill Institute Integrated Technology Hub

Vic - Australia

An educational building comprising 4 levels for a total GFA of 6000sqm. The project included construction of the base building, integrated fitout, link structure, access road, and all external works (hardscape and softscape). The building now accommodates 70 staff and 514 students. The project was an initiative of the Australian Government, conducted as part of the Education Investment Fund.
Winner – Master Builders Excellence in Construction Awards 2014 Commercial Buildings $30M-$80M

Hilleman Labs R&D Centre

New Delhi

This was a fast-tracked Research and Development facility in an operational university building, with construction commencing whilst the design was being finalized. The 1860m2 fitout comprised of International standard finished labs, fume hoods, offices, canteen, IT rooms and reception. Services included 1000 meters HT cable, DG sets, transformers and panels,  HVAC, DMW systems, PA/CCTV/EPBAX, BMS, automatic doors and installation of Goods and Passenger lifts.

International Flavors & Fragrances Flying Dragon Project

Guangzhou, China

A new plant on a Greenfield 38,500 m² site. The plant consists of the major buildings including Powder and Liquid Manufacturing Building, Raw Material and Finished Goods Warehouse, Utility Building, Administration Building, Flammable Warehouse, Tank Farm, Waste Water Treatment Centre, Recycle Waste Shelter and Fire Fighting Tank and Pump Room.

Givaudan Kuai Project

Nantong, China

This project was completed on a Greenfield site in three phases.  The Production Building  has a total area of 11233m2, includes three level steel reinforced concrete structure containing production rooms, a two- level Office Room, two-level Utility Room, warehouse with steel beams and columns, insulated double skin metal panel wall and roof.  Also included in the scope of works were a Packing Room, Buffer Room, CIP Room, Process Flavour Room, Blender Room, SD Room,Weight Room, Blender Dumping, PAL and Liquid Room.

Dow Chemicals R&D Centre

Shanghai, China

Three buildings comprising Dow’s 88,000m2 R&D Centre. The larger buildings are the R&D building and the Administration building and the smallest is the Central Utilities Building (CUB).   The R&D and Administration buildings include undercover car park, 64 light laboratories and 1 heavy laboratory, offices, a 700 seat restaurant, Gymnasium, Presidents suite and Badminton court. The building has an open area through the center with a glass atrium roofprotecting the space.
The CUB building houses the High Voltage and Low Voltage Electrical rooms, Boiler room, Ice chiller tank, Chillers and Fire protection room and holding tank etc.

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Alcan Cable Project

Tianjin, China

A new light industrial facility for Alcan Cable Tianjin Co., Ltd for the production of high technology, flame retardant cable products based on new alloy technology. The facility was constructed on a land parcel in the Tianjin Airport Industrial Park and consisted of two phases of approximately 35,000m2 in total.  The project was completed on time and within budget to an international level of quality.

International School of Tianjin Phase 2

Tianjin, China

A 20,000m2 extension to the existing school campus in Tianjin. The new facility includes the elementary and secondary education areas including a 470 Seat Theater, Class Rooms, Science Labs, Library, Muli-Media Rooms, IT Rooms, Music Rooms (Acoustically Formed), Teacher & Student Lounges and New Utility Rooms.

Johnson & Johnson Renaissance Project

Shanghai, China

Project Renaissance is a Brownfield project with site area of 9,778 m2, which will provide additional manufacturing capacity for J&J’s liquid pharmaceutical products to meet increased market demand. The manufacturing facility will include raw materials handling, washing, liquid pre-mix and mixing processes and filling / packaging lines. The new site will also include utilities, general office areas, staging area and an existing canteen to support the manufacturing operations. Manufacturing capacity from both the SJJP facility and the J&J Xian (XJP) facility will be moved into the new liquids manufacturing plant.

Eisai New Injection Project

Suzhou, China

This Brownfield project of approximately 50,000m2 is for a new pharmaceutical injection plant. The project comprises three buildings including the two-level plus basement and mezzanine injection production building, annex building housing steam plant and pump station and a class A hazardous goods storage building. Level 1 of the production building houses a production workshop and storage, level 2 is dedicated to laboratories, utility room and offices.

Kraft Project Picasso

Suzhou, China

A c.41,000m2 expansion to an existing facility for processing granular sugar, flour, palm oil and glucose. Operations consist of ingredient dumping, mixing, forming, baking, cream filling addition, cooling and packaging (2-stage).   it is intended to develop the site to double production capacity over two phases.  To achieve this, Cockram is constructing additional buildings, utilities and site infrastructure.  An extension to the existing staff amenities building is also being undertaken as part of the project.

Origin Energy Fitout

VIC - Australia

Fitout to approximately 24,000m² for Origin energy’s Melbourne premises in the CBD. The fitout includes Tenancy C at ground level and offices levels 1 through to 20, (noting levels 10 and 11 are plant levels).  This fitout is 5 Star Green Star design and as-built (pending).

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Australian Red Cross Blood Service


Fitout of an existing building for the purpose of blood processing, production, sampling and administration for the Australian Red Cross Blood Service. The facility is the Victorian and Tasmanian Principal Site (VTPS) of the ARCBS. The scope included all fitout and services, including the provision of all new plant and equipment to approximately 16,500m2 with a Basement, Ground Floor, First Floor and Second Floor.  Consisting of Offices, staff breakout and meeting rooms, Reception, Laboratories, warehousing, Cool & Freezer rooms, Plant areas and landscaping.
Winner – Master Builders Excellence in Construction Awards 2012 Commercial Buildings $30M  $80M
Winner – Master Builder of the Year 2012

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National Broadband Network – Satellite Ground Stations


The project for NBN Co involves the construction of satellite ground stations that will form part of the National Broadband Network’s Long Term Satellite Service that provides high speed broadband to regional, rural and remote Australia. The construction works include a single storey building at the centre of each facility which will consist of a vestibule, technical rooms, a store room, office room, staff lunch room and amenities; Installation of antenna array; construction of internal sealed and unsealed roads around the site and services will include permanent and emergency power supply, data, communication, inergen gas suppression system, hydraulics, air-conditioning, fire, security, and sewerage system.

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Aqualink Box Hill Redevelopment


A substantial redevelopment of the Box Hill Aqualink pool and gymnasium. Some of the features of the project for Whitehorse City Council included a 700m² gymnasium (double the size of the existing), a new warm water pool co-located with upgraded spa and sauna facilities, a new outdoor 10-lane, 25-metre pool with terraced seating, family-friendly water-play areas and environmentally-sustainable design features including double-glazing, solar hot water supply, grey-water recycling and rainwater harvesting.

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Kolbe Catholic College

WA - Australia

The Kolbe Catholic College involves the refurbishment, extension and new build works to the existing Catholic College at Dowling St, Rockingham, WA. Works include demolition of existing hardcourts, trees, fencing and the like to prepare the North East corner of the site for works, and 4 new classrooms, seminar room, staff facility, senior lounge facility, amenities and a central access area.

Western Australian Institute of Sport - High Performance Service Centre

WA - Australia

The new Western Australian Institute of Sport, High Performance Service Centre provides WA athletes with access to the best facilities of their kind in Australia, with the latest technology in sports science and recovery. This facility was built near Challenge Stadium in Mt Claremont and completed in time to allow our WA Athletes a quality facility in which to prepare for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics. The two storey building includes gym’s, indoor runway for long jump, sprinting & throwing sports, hydrotherapy and recovery pools, laboratories, consulting rooms and amenities.

MD Equity – Norwest Hospital for Specialist Surgery

NSW– Australia

The Norwest Hospital for Specialist Surgery (NHSS) project involves the alternations and additions to an existing commercial office building in Sydney’s North West. The building will be used as a hospital and a day surgery including medical consulting suites.

The new layout of the building will include a basement level extension to provide a new hydrotherapy pool, MRI and X-Ray facilities, staff gymnasium and storage areas. The ground level will include day surgery for endoscopy and ophthalmology clinics and an 8 bed recovery ward and second stage seating recovery. Level one will hold medical consulting suites and an outpatient rehabilitation clinic whilst Levels two and three will contain a total of 78 ward beds. Level two will also house the inpatient rehabilitation gym.

Levels 4 and 5 will contain operating theatres and cleaning and decontamination rooms.

All services are to be upgraded including the installation of a new substation and generator and Installation of four new lifts.

Global Switch – Sydney East Data Centre, Stage 1

NSW– Australia

The Global Switch project is a joint venture between Cockram Construction and M+W Group to develop design, construct, fitout, test and commission their new facility.

The new data centre will comprise a six storey data centre facility with 12,500sq.m of technical space and a gross floor area of 24,000sq.m of world class critical infrastructure services. The facility will have a total I.T.electrical load of 21.375MW. The new facility will supply to some of the world’s largest organisations, significant Australian companies and government agencies for whom data centre resilience is critical.

Sydney East will also be a leading example of an environmentally sustainable data centre and will be targeting a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold Rating.

University of Canberra and OCHRE Health – Bruce GP Super Clinic

ACT – Australia

Cockram in conjunction with SKM-S2F, have been engaged to undertake the full design and construct of the Student Led Clinics and OCHRE Health GP Super Clinic.

The project is a joint venture between the University of Canberra (UC) and OCHRE Health and will be built with funding from the Australian Government’s GP Super Clinics Program through the Department of Health and Ageing (DOHA), the clinical Training Funding Program through Health Workforce Australia (HWA) and UC.

The new building will provide four levels with a GFA of 1200m² and will deliver general practice and specialist medical services, medical support services and health service training facilities.

Costco Wholesale Ringwood

VIC - Australia

Construction of new Costco Membership Warehouse facilities including internal fitout and limited on-site/off-site works.  With approximately 44,487m2 Gross Floor Area including two basement car parking levels and the main retail floor, the construction of the new warehouse consisted of concrete floor slabs, suspended slabs and columns structure with wide span portal frame with metal deck cladding exterior.  The interior includes feature entrance lobby, canopies suspended from structural frame, single storey internal office / support areas, mezzanine level plant platforms and staff breakout area, meat, bakery preparations areas, service deli, rotisserie, freezer and cooler, optical centre, hearing aid centre, tyre centre and food court.

Winner – Master Builders Excellence in Construction Awards 2013 Excellence in Health and Safety

Deakin University Regional Community Health Hub (REACH)

VIC - Australia

A new 4-level building and associated external works at Deakin University’s Waurn Ponds Campus.  The building comprises clinical research, clinical skills, bio-mechanical and teaching laboratories for allied heath disciplines as well as administration space and a 250-seat Lecture Theatre.  This building compliments the Deakin University Medical School and in particular the Shared Laboratories project recently completed by Cockram and consolidates the Medical Precinct on the Waurn Ponds campus to be one of the largest Medical Teaching Facilities outside of a capital city.

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St Stephen's Hospital, Hervey Bay

QLD - Australia

These works expanded the previous 8 bed acute care day facility to a 96-bed acute care hospital with five operating theatres, six oncology bays, isolation bays and dialysis bays. The hospital also provides training for nursing students and allied health placements.

The new construction completely surrounds the existing facility which was operational at all times. Understanding our clients business and how our activities can impact on their operations enabled surgeries to continue whilst the whole Eastern façade of the existing building was removed to allow the new structure to be connected to the existing structure.

As Australia’s first fully digital hospital, the project was a significant development for the Fraser Coast region providing a number of economic benefits and an improved range of medical services for the community. The innovative e-health system allows easier access to patient records for medical staff as well as providing alerts to allergies and abnormalities in testing results, linking to other parts of the health system and specialist practitioners.


Frankston Hospital Stage 3 and Emergency Department

Frankston, VIC – Australia

A new Emergency Department and much needed ward expansion, the redevelopment will boost the hospital’s capacity to meet the demands of the growing population on the Peninsula and to cater for future health needs.

RAAF Pearce - Storage Facility

WA - Australia

RAAF Base Pearce is the main Royal Australian Air Force base in Western Australia and is used for training by the RAAF and the Republic of Singapore Air Force. RAAF Base Pearce is approximately 60km north of Perth at Bullsbrook. The purpose of the Storage Facility Project is to build a purpose designed facility to increase quantities that are able to be safely stored on the site.

Hammond Park Primary School

WA - Australia

Construction of the Hammond Park Primary School for the Department of Education.  The school will be located in the growing suburb of Hammond Park, south of Perth. The project consists of the construction of four Teaching Blocks, Administration Centre, Library, Canteen/Covered Assembly, Hardcourts and Oval, Staff and Visitor Parking. The use of a distinctive motif in face brickwork will provide the school its own unique identity.

Deakin University AFFRIC Buildings 'nj' and 'nk'

Vic Australia

The project comprised of two buildings: one occupied by the Victorian Centre for Advanced Materials Manufacturing (VCAMM) the other by the CSIRO. Both buildings are PC2 capable. VCAMM occupy the building known as ‘nj Building’. This building delivers 2,771 sqm (GFA) and is the first carbon fibre pilot line operated by a university in the world.

Royal Melbourne Hospital Allied Health Project

Vic Australia

A highly complex project with a strong focus on existing building services, consituting Allied Health Relocation, Health Workforce Australia and the VCCC Enabling Works in the operational Royal Melbourne Hospital.  

Most of these works required lengthy and intricate shutdowns to different departments and therefore diligent planning and close coordination with the hospital was necessary to mitigate impact to the operations.

CSL Limited Cell Culture Facility

Vic Australia

A greenfield project at CSL’s existing Broadmeadows facility.  This four storey facility includes a split level ground floor with offices, amenities and documents storage area, trade waste treatment area, decontamination rooms, -40 degrees freezer and mechanical plant area including the housing of Chillers, High voltage switch-room, Main switch rooms and purified water systems.  Level 2 is the main production area of the building with PC2 level clean-rooms.

Winner – Master Builders Excellence in Construction Awards 2013 Industrial Buildings

Viewing Facility and Mortuary

WA - Australia

The QEII Medical Viewing Facility and J Block Mortuary alterations project for the Western Australian Government is located at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital in Nedlands. The construction of the singe storey building included waiting and viewing rooms, lift facilities to access the existing mortuary, reception, plantroom and toilet facilities. The existing mortuary will be occupied whilst construction works are in progress.

Challenger Institute of Technology

WA - Australia

The Challenger Institute of Technology – Rockingham Campus project involved the addition of multiple new buildings on a greenfield site as well as an internal strip and refurbishment of existing buildings. The new building works including Blocks T, U, V include covered walkways, roads, carparks and landscaping. In addition to the new buildings there is also a significant amount of refurbishment and extension works to existing facilities including involving the removal of hazardous materials. The project was carried out whilst the general campus in full operation.

Sunshine Hospital Western Centre for Health Research and Education and Radiotherapy Centre

VIC - Australia

The $70M-plus redevelopment of the Sunshine Hospital involved the construction of the new Western Centre for Health Research and Education and 2700m2 single storey Radiotherapy Building, undertaken whilst sections of the existing hospital remained operational.  A high level of coordination was vital to ensure that our presence on site did not impact upon the operational areas of the hospital.

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University of Newcastle – Newcastle Institute for Energy and Resources (NIER)

NSW - Australia

Located at the University of Newcastle’s Callaghan Campus, the NIER facility is a state-of-the-art research space. The 2,100m² two storey building incorporates research laboratories, offices, breakout spaces, storage areas, display areas, plant room, lifts and associated amenities.

Completed using a design and construct GC21 contract, the design allowed for a flexible and adaptive space that displays high levels of energy efficiency, access, serviceability, safety and security. It has the capacity to build additional laboratory space into the future. The site services infrastructure incorporates a new central thermal plant building to accommodate a central thermal plant area for the generation of heating and chilling water, and ancillaries required for site reticulation.

University of Newcastle – Medical Sciences Building West (MSB)

NSW - Australia

The four storey facility at the University of Newcastle’s Callaghan campus involved the construction of a new anatomy & cadaver storage building which adjoins the existing Medical Services Building (MSB) and includes teaching and laboratory facilities.

The scope of works included a pharmacy teaching laboratory and hearse receipt loading area for cadaver delivery lift and waste storage areas; teaching laboratories, preparation and cold rooms, entry foyer and amenities; main teaching area, wash down and storage areas, dissection room and cadaver storage; plant space, resource display area, separate offices and amenities, storage areas and additional cadaver storage. This level also incorporates the University of Newcastle’s Body Donation Programs. The project was completed using a GC21 contract with a design development component.

Westmead Millennium Institute for Medical Research (WMIMR)

NSW - Australia

The Cockram NSW and Abigroup Contracting Joint Venture has recently been awarded the new $79 million Westmead Millennium Institute for Medical Research New Building Project.
The project, designed by Bligh Voller Nield Architects and Project Managed by Capital Insight, is aiming to achieve a minimum four star green star rating. The scope of works includes the design finalisation, construction of research facilities, commissioning and handover of a world class medical research facility. The nine storey, 17,800 m² medical research facility will include more than 8,000m² of specialised laboratories and support areas.
This building is significant because of its unique position – located on Westmead Hospital campus in walking distance from Westmead Hospital, the Children’s Hospital at Westmead, the Children’s Medical Research Institute and the Kids Research Institute, creating a physical research hub, known as the Westmead Research Hub. Most of the Hub’s expensive high technology equipment and facilities will be housed in the new WMIMR building and shared by all 900 researchers on campus.
When complete the facility will become one of Australia’s leading medical research centres and the headquarters for WMIMR. The landmark building will create capacity to help further collaboration, create greater partnerships and ensure an ongoing commitment to medical research.

Azure Blue Integrated Living Project

QLD - Australia

This new retirement, community and residential aged care project is located on a 4 hectare Greenfield site at Carina in Brisbane.

Azure Blue Carina comprises both a care precinct and a luxury retirement living precinct where residents’ amenities include a swimming pool, café, library, function room and media room. Residents also have access to a range of hotel services including meals, laundry and cleaning as well as the option of in-home care, provided by Blue Care’s Community Care services. The site also offers the benefit of a co-located residential aged care facility for 128 residents. The project consists of a 128 bed High Care aged care facility in two, three storey connected structures, plus administration, community facilities, a commercial kitchen, commercial laundry, loading dock and basement car parking.

It also includes 98 Independent Living Units (ILUs) comprising 22 apartments over four storeys including recreation facilities, café and pool, and basement car parking; 70 Units in three and four storey connected buildings including basement car parking; and six single storey villas (duplexes).


National Training Areas & Ranges Improvement Programme (NTARIP)

WA - Australia

A range of civil, general maintenance and radar system upgrade in four locations North of Perth (Lancelin, Bindoon, Muchea, Swanbourne) was delivered for the Department of Defence. The works formed part of a major range improvement program being executed across Australia, and included kilometers of road upgrades, general facilities improvements and the installation of technically complex radar systems. These systems were designed and installed within Cockram’s contract including a portion of work that was leading edge technology, the first time ever installed in Australian Defence ranges.

University of Wollongong - Kooloobong Student Accommodation

NSW - Australia

The project involved the construction of a new 360 bed Student Accommodation facility with associated car parking for over 200 cars and external landscaping.

The new building has fulfilled a real need for student housing for the university. The design aesthetic was created to reflect a positive residence through the use of multiple exterior cladding and lively internal finishes. The building also has a very high standard of finishes with sizeable rooms for a project of this type in the current market. The project also includes environmental measures such as rainwater re-use, natural ventilation, smart metering and automated valves to better plan and control energy usage of the building.

There were a number of construction challenges due to the location within the operational campus and due to the sloping terrain of the construction site. Pedestrian and vehicle use of the bounding road and car-park was heavy and therefore required student and public safety to be managed to the highest standard.

University of Canberra - Laboratory Project

NSW - Australia

The project scope for the new laboratory facility at the University of Canberra includes the construction of a 4 storey building comprising:
– undercroft cycle/carparking space with potential Tutorial & Teaching facilities
– 1st floor – Mega Laboratory – a teaching laboratory with support facilities
– 2nd floor – Pharmaceutical Science & Pharma Laboratory – teaching laboratory with support facilities
– 3rd floor – Research laboratory with support facilities.
The facade to the building is dominated by vertical brick banding – the building has full/partial height vertically fixed metal fins to the east facade.
The project is aspiring to a 5 star green star.

University of Sydney - Concord Clinical Education Centre

NSW - Australia

The $8.7M project works which are being undertaken for the University of Sydney will be constructed in the live operational Concord Hospital Precinct.
The project works for this new facility designed by Suters Architects include the demolition of the existing building K26. On completion of the demolition, a new building will commence and comprise of 2 floors with office and teaching facilities, wet and dry laboratories and lecture theatres.
Some external works are included in the project scope and consist of landscaping and the re-diversion of existing services.

University of Sydney - Centre for Carbon Water and Food

NSW - Australia

Due for completion in October 2012, the project involves the construction of a new 3-storey building containing offices, laboratories and meeting facilities. Project works include:
Level 1 – an initial preparation room, biogeochemistry laboratory, plant preparation laboratory, soil preparation, incubator room, store room, 2 cold rooms & 2 freezer rooms. This level also includes a dry laboratory, wet laboratory, analytical laboratories, image analysis & microscope room, plant physiology laboratory, balance room & bulk storage.
Level 2 – contains office space & amenities and a total of 32 academic offices are provided on the second level.
Level 3 – contains an accessible concrete roof, and an open roof area of 230 sq m. The western end of the building at level 3 would be used to provide general services such as amenities, staff kitchen, information technology services room & store room.

Tooheys - Bright Beer Cellar

NSW - Australia

Located at the Lidcombe facility which has been occupied by Tooheys since the 1960’s, the project works for the new Bright Beer Cellar which commenced in September 2011 have included the demolition and relocation of the existing brewing maintenance workshop and engineering offices, and the civil construction, foundation and drainage works surrounding the relocation.
The project works were undertaken using a Design and Construct delivery method. The project scope for the Bright Beer Cellar also included construction of infrastructure to allow for the installation of new plant within the new civil structure and new beer transfer lines from each filter line to the new bright beer cellar and to each packaging filler.

Charles Sturt University - National Wine and Grape Industry Centre

NSW - Australia

The NWGIC is located on the grounds of Charles Sturt University’s Wagga Wagga Campus.
Designed by DesignInc Architecture, the project works include the part refurbishment and additions of two existing buildings and the construction of a new three-storey laboratory building (including roof plant-room area) to provide for additional research laboratory space, functional staff and education areas and a larger cellar door facility for CSU wines and cheeses.
The Services within the facility include: Level 1 – Cellar, Lounge Room, Wine Store, Office, Wet Areas; Level 2 – Shell Structure Only; Level 3 – Radiation Room, Office, Calibration Room, 4x PC2 Lab Rooms, Wet Areas, Cool-Room, Freezer Room; Level 4 – Plant Room & Attic Level.

Kingston Hospital Geriatric Evaluation and Age

Vic - Australia

The construction of a new sub-acute aged care facility within the existing Kingston Medical Centre including two 32 bed subacute Geriatric Evaluation & Management (GEM); inpatient units (64 beds total); Therapy Cluster, Community Rehabilitation Centre, Hydrotherapy Pool and Main Foyer.

Continental Expansion Storehouse

Tianjin China

The project is an expansion of an existing facility in Tianjin and will primarily consist of warehouse space for the storage of high quality automotive electrical parts. The building will incorporate inspection rooms, storehouses and office areas.
Cockram was engaged by Continental to provide an EPCM consulting service which involved the URS preparation and review of the design documentation prepared by a local Chinese Design Institute. Our service continued on into a full construction management delivery where CPL engineers were provided to the site to supervise and manage all site activities, including Safety, Quality, Time and Cost. The project was completed in January 2012 and achieved all client objectives.

AstraZeneca Broad Market Manufacturing Site Project

Taizhou China

AstraZeneca, one of the world’s leading Pharma companies, is establishing a new pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Jiangsu Province, China. Known as China Broad Market Manufacturing Site, in the China Medical City, Taizhou, the 51,000m2 project comprises Sterile dry powder filling for injectable Cephalosporin products, and Oral Solid Dosage products. Phase 1 of the $230M project was recently completed and Phases 2 and 3 are progressing well.

Boehringer Ingelheim Panda Project

Shanghai - China

This 17,000m2 project includes an Ampule and Solids packaging building (APP), which houses QA/QC offices, general offices and multiple packaging lines.  The APP Building is linked to a fully automated lights out High-Bay Warehouse (HBW).  At 22m high this warehouse is equipped with a European racking system and demands strict tolerances in base building construction.  The 3-level Centre of Competence (CoC) houses high quality lab and working offices.

Associated works include Hazardous Goods store, Pumphouse and Firefighting Water Tank, Waste, Gate Houses and upgrades to the existing infrastructure including a new 4000KVa substation, underground services, ring road and packing areas.

University of Ballarat Science and Engineering Precinct

Vic Australia

Construction of a new facility for undergraduate and post graduate courses and research in occupational health and safety, Environmental Management, Mining Engineering, Metallurgy, Geology, Civil Engineering and Structures, Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Sciences, Chemistry and Food Science and Technology as well as housing Administration and the Head of School.

Applecross Senior High School Redevelopment

Applecross, WA - Australia

The Applecross Senior High School Redevelopment project consists of the construction of a new building and the refurbishment of existing facilities. The school was built in 1958 and is heritage listed. The project was staged over 6 separable portions. One of the biggest challenges of the project was ensuring that the school staff/students are not impacted in their day to day activities. The school staff and students were moved around progressively to accommodate the construction stages.

Rio Tinto Project

Linping China

Rio Tinto Minerals Asia (RTMA) is a Mining and Materials Company who is setting up an Asia Technology Center (ATC) to support market development and customer’s needs in greater China.
The center is located on the existing QMP site in Suzhou, occupying one corner of the site and is linked with the existing site services.
The facility is a nominal area of 980m2 on two levels. Level 1 will house RTMA Office, Laboratory, Research and Development, utilities and storage. Space will be created on the second level for future office. The facility will also be used for technical, analytical and innovation services for both RTMA and its customers. The facility also includes a chemical storage.
Cockram delivered an initial Feasibility Study prior to providing an EPCM service for the complete delivery of the project. The concept and detailed design was prepared by our in house design engineering team prior to handover to our Site Construction Management team for execution of the site works. The project is due for completion in August 2012.

Hunter Medical Research Institute - New Research Facility

Newcastle, NSW - Australia

Located within the Rankin Park campus adjacent to the John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle, the 16,000 m² building consists of two five-storey wings (east & west) linked together by a two-storey elevated glass entry pod. The partnership development between Hunter Medical Research Institute, Hunter New England Health and The University of Newcastle represents a significant capital investment at the John Hunter Hospital Precinct and shall provide for 450 leading researchers under the one roof. The project consists of the following key features: PC2 laboratories, specific pathogen free zones, clinical trial support unit, animal holding areas (bio resource facility), outdoor semi enclosed recreation and barbeque area for the staff, workstations and generic open plan laboratories, lecture theatre and associated support staff offices and amenities. Construction of a three tiered open deck car-park for 250 vehicles is also part of the construction works to be undertaken.

Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership

Vic Australia

Restoration and fitout of a double storey heritage listed 1880’s building in North Melbourne. New building at rear, comprising of under ground lecture theatre, ground level amphitheatre, and teaching lounge.

Winner – Master Builders Excellence in Construction Awards 2012 Construction of Commercial Buildings $15M – $20M
Click here for more information.

Surf Coast Community and Civic Precinct Stage 1

VIC – Australia

Construction of the new Surf Coast Shire Council offices and associated roadways, landscaping and wetland construction.  In addition to the new Shire offices a new sports precinct is to be constructed including an AFL ground, a synthetic soccer field, four Netball courts and associated sports pavilion.

IKEA Tempe Showroom and Warehouse Store

NSW - Australia

The 39,000 sqm store (equivalent to 20 football fields) with car parking for 1775 cars and 2.5 km of shopping, sits on a 2.3 hectare site and is located in Tempe – South West of Sydney CBD.
The two level rectangular shaped building comprises:
– A bulky goods showroom
– Unlicensed restaurant (approximate capacity for 750 people)
– Children’s play area
– Warehouse
– Swedish food market
– Office space
– Public amenities and loading dock.
The project is unique in that it was constructed on an old rubbish tip site. A seven hundred metre methane gas wall was constructed to allow ventilation of the methane gases underneath a portion of the new building.
The existing heritage listed ATECO building and clock tower has been retained for use as IKEA’s headquarters, which will ensure the local character and visual amenity of the area is conserved. The project design is also highly focused on encouraging the pedestrian and cycle traffic to IKEA through the use of regional cycle paths through the site.

Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Biosecurity Upgrade Works

NSW - Australia

The $56 million ($43.0M construction) upgrade of biosecurity facilities included the construction of a large new secure laboratory precinct. It will include high-containment certified PC2 and PC3 laboratories for virology, bacteriology, microbiology and molecular biology; refurbishment of existing animal and plant health laboratories, and an upgrade of electrical and safety systems.
Cockram Construction was engaged in an early tender involvement (ETI) process with NSW Public Works which essentially required us to provide feedback on documentation and potential design issues/risks. At this time we identified one of the key issues for the client was the programme and at tender time proposed a temporary PC2 certified laboratory structure to house researchers between moves so as not to disrupt their research. This in turn also cut 12 months off the practical completion date.

Clinical School, Education & Research Centre

NSW - Australia

Located within the Blacktown Hospital precinct, Cockram Construction delivered the Blacktown Clinical School, Education and Research Centre Project whilst the adjoining Blacktown Hospital remained fully operational. The project, constructed for The University of Western Sydney and Sydney West Area Health Service, has a new three-storey building including clinical trial areas, wet labs, dry labs, lecture theatres, student overnight accommodation, library and other associated staff amenities. The complete fitout of laboratories and administration areas including offices and workstations is also included in the project works. The building, designed by McConnell Smith Johnson, has a complex and impressive facade which is a combination of glass, decorative timber, stone and tile works. This is the second project Cockram has undertaken with the University of Western Sydney.

Sydney Institute of Marine Science

NSW - Australia

Project works involved the refurbishment of a number of existing heritage buildings. Some of the buildings were refurbished into PC2 laboratories including installation of temperature control rooms and a sea water reticulation system.
– Building 2 – AV system installation
– Building 11 – wet lab & temperature control room’s installation.
– Building 19 – demolition of most internal walls including asbestos removal, new mezzanine structure & roof framing, new roofing, new walls & finishes through-out, new exterior deck, new internal stairs, new external ramp & stairs, new rainwater plumbing system, solar panel hot water & general electrical service upgrade.
– Building 21- New external deck access & AV refurbishment
– Building 22 – demolition & general refurbishment of PC2 labs
– Building 23 – demolition & general refurbishment of PC2 labs

The facility for SIMS is partnered with Macquarie University, University of New South Wales, University of Sydney and The University of Technology Sydney.

Levels 6 & 8 Refurbishment, Chemistry Building, University of Queensland

QLD - Australia

The University of Queensland Chemistry Building Project involved the complete demolition and refurbishment of Levels 6 and Level 8 and also related works to other areas of this existing and operational building. Level 6 will be used predominately as laboratory space and Level 8 will be a combination of laboratory, office and student breakout areas.
The functions of the existing areas made it a high risk work environment. Level 5 is a teaching laboratory that is used during the semester and Level 7 is a commercial research laboratory with security requirements and constant production commitments to external clients.

To complicate the project further, access and egress were restricted to particular building hours and noisy works, such as concrete drilling, was undertaken early of a morning to ensure minimal disruption to the building occupants.

The building is known to contain asbestos and contaminated fume exhaust pipes from years of past operation. The demolition process was the first construction task in a line of complex, calculated and deliberate activities that were required to be completed in order to achieve a successful handover of this project.

Centre for Advanced Imaging, University of Queensland

Queensland - Australia

The Centre for Advanced Imaging is a highly advanced medical imaging facility which will include a cyclotron unit, used to generate radioactive isotopes for medical imaging equipment. The new structure is being built on the University of Queensland’s St Lucia Campus, and will also include several magnetic resonance imaging units, a full floor of PC2 laboratories, associated teaching and academic spaces and related facilities.
It is the only facility of its type in Australia, one of only a handful in the world and once completed will house a powerful MRI system that is more than twice as strong as any other MRI system currently available in the Southern Hemisphere.

The project includes the extensive refurbishment of the adjoining Gehrmann Building and also the chillers on the nearby Ritchie Building.

This highly advanced project requires specialist construction skills, given the very high operational standards required for cyclotrons and MRI installations. Cockram Construction’s prior experience with cyclotron and advanced medical imaging projects, plus our commitment to deliver a highly skilled project team, were instrumental in reinforcing our reputation as one of a small number of contractors capable of delivering a project of this nature.

Learning Innovation Building, University of Queensland

Queensland - Australia

The Learning Innovation Building, designed by Richard Kirk Architect, will co-locate multiple teaching, learning and innovation based centres and institutes.
This new building is centrally located within the campus, and features Class II coloured concrete and an innovative louvre façade system. Focussing on the delivery of advanced learning technologies, the structure has a gross floor area of 2400 square metres over four levels, with associated external works.

The building was constructed within an operating university environment, and is adjacent to highly sensitive seismic facilities in the Richards Building, posing a number of construction challenges.

Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication


As the main facility of the Victorian Node of the Australian National Fabrication facility, this project links seven university-based nodes to provide researchers and industry access to state of the art fabrication facilities. Based at Monash University Science Research Park, the 3,800m2 building is made up of three main functional pavilions. The research pavilion is one level plus a dedicated mezzanine plant room with trafficable ceiling. The pavilion contains Class 10,000 clean rooms, Class 100 clean rooms, PC2 laboratory, general labs and associated offices and amenities. Cockram was subsequently awarded the Class 100 clean room fitout and we worked closely with the client to ensure minimal disruption to the operation of the newly completed facility.  The Class 100 area is of the highest standard of clean room construction.

Winner – Master Builders Excellence in Construction Awards 2011 Industrial Buildings

Click here for more information

PC3 Laboratories, Faculty of Medicine and Health Science, University of Auckland

Auckland - New Zealand

The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences refurbishment at The University of Auckland comprises of 3 buildings, approximately 800sqm per floor, linked via a common ‘spine’ at each of the 6 levels per building. Cockram Construction were engaged to deliver a specialised component of this refurbishment in the form of 100 square metres of PC3 laboratories in Building 502.
When complete, the faculty will accommodate Integrative Physiology, Sensory Physiology, Infection and Immunology with PC3 facility, Bone and Reproduction, Pharmacy and Pharmacology and the ‘Liggins’ Cancer Institute.
The construction took place with a second (main) local contractor delivering the bulk of building refurbishment and required close cooperation amongst the delivery teams.

As with most University projects, the project also had to be delivered within an operating educational environment.

Cockram’s prior experience in these types of projects has resulted in a considerable degree of knowledge transfer, particularly given this was the University’s first PC3 laboratory.

Ravenswood School for Girls - Mabel Fidler Building

NSW - Australia

The new Mabel Fidler building located at Ravenswood School for Girls in Gordon, will replace the current resource centre (library) and will provide a new main entry point to the rest of the campus. The new four-storey building incorporates a junior and secondary resource centre, study and relaxation space for senior students, new classrooms, seminar spaces, reception/welcoming area and improved access to the campus. The facility will provide an important transition space for students as they move on to tertiary level education. The Mabel Fidler Building designed by Bligh Voller Nield Architecture and Project Managed by Sandrick Project Directions, will also provide the opportunity to develop a management plan for reducing energy consumption and implement an ecologically sensitive landscaping strategy with the aim of re-using rainwater.
2012 Winner – Sir John Sulman Medal for Public Architecture

Wesley Hospital Front Entrance

Queensland - Australia

The Wesley is a prestigious private hospital offering leading health care services to its patients. Owned by Uniting Care Health, this project involved a full remodel of the main front entrance of the hospital.

Works included demolition and reconstruction of the reception area and outpatients areas, the gift shop and associated offices.

Extreme care is needed in projects like this, given that staff and patients continued to access the hospital via this front entrance while the project was under construction. Construction works also needed to be sensitive to the needs of patients in terms of operating hours and noise, and sensitive to any services interruptions that may be required. Vibrations for nearby surgery areas, maintaining constant access for ambulance ingress and egress, and maintaining the ‘good public relations’ values of the hospital with patients, staff and the community were all paramount in Cockram Construction’s approach to this project.

Woolworths Truck Maintenance Facility

Queensland - Australia

The Woolworths Truck Maintenance facility was designed and constructed for a site at the rear of Woolworths’ major distribution centre at Larapinta, south west of Brisbane.
The facility features sunken service and maintenance pits, prefabricated service modules and cleaning facilities.
These are all housed in a freestanding structure with truck parking, hardstand areas and related service infrastructure all part of the construction project.
Cockram Construction delivered this project for Woolworths Limited via a design and construct contract.

Melbourne Brain Centre - Austin Hospital

VIC - Australia

Cockram Construction was engaged by Florey Neuroscience Institutes to carry out works associated with the construction of the Melbourne Brain Centre, Heidelberg. The Melbourne Brain Centre consists of a three level office and research facility for the Florey Neuroscience Institute (FNI). The new facility is to conduct both basic and clinical research into addiction, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, epilepsy, Huntington’s disease, motor neuron disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, schizophrenia, stroke, traumatic brain and spinal cord injury.

Salvation Army Corps

Rockingham, Western Australia

The new Salvation Army Corps Building is a single storey mixed use new building located at the Corner of Willmot Drive and Exhibition Way Cooloongup, Rockingham WA. The existing building remained operational during the construction of the new facility. The general space and internal areas include Worship Hall, General Office/meeting, General Purpose activity, Kitchen/Food Storage, Reception Lobby/Common, Thrift Shop & Service/Toilets/Storage.

Baxter Healthcare Expansion Project

Guangzhou – China

The Baxter Healthcare facility produces sterile renal products in soft plastic bags.  Cockram’s project scope included a full development of two new filling lines and the construction of a multi-level manufacturing building approximately 20,000m2 with associated facility and utility systems and a new 2nd floor office adjacent. The facility will have full sprinkler protection and will be required to meet both local Fire Code and Factory Mutual standards requirement.

Sanofi Minsheng Relocation Project

Hangzhou – China

This Relocation Project is a joint venture between Hangzhou Minsheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Sanofi-Aventis.

The facility specializes in manufacturing OTC items such as vitamins and health products, predominantly coated and non-coated tablets, capsules and soft gelatin capsules, including packing of the products in bottles or blister packaging. The existing plant will continue production during the relocation phase.  Major equipment will be relocated and started up in the new facility so as not to affect the supply to market.

Sanofi-Aventis Lotus Relocation Project

January 2012

Located within the Rankin Park Campus adjacent to the John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle, the 16,000 m²building consists of 2 five storey wings (east & west) of solid elements linked together by a two storey elevated glass entry pod. This project is a green-field facility in Hangzhou for Sanofi-Aventis designed to replace the current production facility. The site has a total area of 49,587m2 of which the new plant will be approximately 30,000m2.  The new facility will comprise areas including manufacturing, distribution centre, warehouse, solvent store, energy centre, administration, laboratory and amenities.

Common Teaching Facility

NSW - Australia

Located on the Main Campus at the University of Wollongong, the project involves a new three level common teaching building (B24) which will be linked to existing building (B19). Alterations and additions to the Ground floor of the B19 building will provide a language centre approximately 370m². This is the fourth project Cockram have been awarded with the University of Wollongong, of which three projects are currently under construction on the Main Campus.

SMART Infrastructure Facility

NSW - Australia

The SMART Infrastructure Facility project team have successfully handed over our fifth project for The University of Wollongong. The $35.2 M Construction Management project commenced in April 2009 and was constructed on the main campus of the University concurrently with the recently completed Illawarra Health and Medical Research Institute. The gross floor area is approximately 12,000m² which consists of a four storey concrete structure including a detailed façade system, external brickwork, structural steel components and three link bridges to connect to neighbouring buildings. Internally, the ground floor will resemble a large open area for manufacturing, research and teaching – features include’ overhead gantry facilities and a ‘Strong Floor. The upper levels include specialised research facilities, teaching laboratories, collective research spaces, lecture theatres and teaching spaces to assist with research in transport modelling, supply chains and monitoring and analysis of infrastructure. The SMART Infrastructure Facility has been designed to meet a 4 star green star rating and includes detailed services, solar panels, low VOC content through internal finishes, day-light monitoring, skylights and open-able windows.

Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation

Queensland - Australia

This project involves a complex and staged handover of a number of areas within the existing operations of the IHBI Building at QUT’s Kelvin Grove Campus. The project includes:
· Reconstruction of the two PC3 Laboratory spaces and associated airlocks on Level 7

· Associated mechanical plant installations on Level 8 (roof level)

· Consequential works in PC2 Laboratory spaces on Level 6

· Associated works in two PC2 Laboratory spaces on Level 4 and

Construction access for equipment and materials delivery and storage to Levels 2 and 3

RMIT Building 13

VIC – Australia

Demolition, refurbishment and new structure and remediation works to the existing two storey building and also to the four storey Ethel Margaret building. The final outcome comprises approximately 5000m2 of new floor space for the RMIT Graduate School of Business and Law.

Novo Nordisk Filling Plant Project

Located on a Greenfield site of approximately 98,000 sqm, the project was constructed in two phases.  The completed facility has enabled Novo Nordisk to meet the rapidly expanding demand for insulin products in China. This filling site comprises formulation, filling, inspection and packaging of Penfills, and some packaging of FlexPen (pre-filled insulin pens), in addition to vial packaging.

Cancer Biology Imaging Facility, Institute of Molecular Bioscience University of Queensland

Queensland - Australia

The Institute for Molecular Bioscience is a world-class research institute located at The University of Queensland, in Brisbane, Australia. The IMB’s mission is to decipher the information contained in the genes, proteins and molecules of humans, animals and plants.

Cockram Construction was chosen as the contractor to deliver a new imaging centre within level 6 of the Bioscience Precinct. The works were carried out within a fully operational laboratory facility. These works included:
A new imaging Centre in the north block which is within an operational physical containment level 2 (PC2) certified office of gene technology, regulator (OGTR) and AS2243.3 microbiology laboratory. The project was funded via a $2.5 million grant from the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) and has been used to establish a world-class imaging centre. The grant will make the ACRF Dynamic Biology Imaging Facility the most advanced imaging research facility in the southern hemisphere. It will allow researchers to study the progression of cancer cells and their interactions with healthy cells.
The imaging centre laboratory walls were built within a PC2 lab environment in which air conditioning systems, service systems and fire & OHS safety systems continued to operate, therefore dust minimization during the project was paramount to avoid any contamination of adjacent workspaces.
The existing ceiling space was to be maintained in a clean state as it was a return air plenum.

CSR Gyprocket Project

VIC – Australia

The CSR Gyprocket Project incorporates the design, fabrication, supply and construction of buildings and associated roadways and laydown for the manufacture of plasterboard.


PC3 Laboratory James Cook University School of Veterinary Science

Queensland - Australia

The School of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences at James Cook University’s research into immunology, pathogens and epidemiology demanded more contemporary laboratory facilities, particularly a new and larger PC3 laboratory. The project took place in an operating research environment with
users above and below the level on which the lab was constructed. Not one complaint was received from other building users during construction, and the lab users were delighted with the finished project.
A new plant room to provide services infrastructure for the PC3 lab was built externally and all wall and ceiling penetrations were minimised to achieve the nil air leak status.

Illawarra Health and Medical Research Institute

NSW - Australia

At approximately 6500 m², IHMRI was designed as a modern interpretation of the existing campus buildings. Internally the building comprises of the following:
Ground level – storage rooms, switchroom, auditorium with dedicated plantroom, and carpark. Levels 1 to 3 – clinical trial rooms, laboratories including a PC3 Laboratory on level 3, support areas including instrument rooms & constant temperature rooms, clinical & staff work areas, administration areas including offices, meeting rooms, staff rooms, utility rooms & amenities. Level 4 plant areas – separate air handling & fume exhaust plantrooms, externally mounted air cooled chillers & solar panels for hot water supply.
The IHMRI Building has incorporated a number of environmentally friendly design ideas. These include solar hot potable water, a rainwater harvest tank system for re-use for amenities & landscaping, motion sensor lighting, fresh air make-up mechanical system, curtain wall glazing, low VOC paint, re-use of brick pavers & light poles & preservation of the majority of existing trees.

University of Qld, Goddard Building, TERN & Insectary PC2 & PC3 Labs

Queensland - Australia

Cockram Construction were contracted by the University of Queensland to complete the full strip out and demolition of the pre-existing fit-out and services to Level 1 of the Goddard Building, making way for the new fit-out which included the installation of new PC3 & PC2 laboratories, office space and work areas.
The Cockram Construction team brought to the job their depth of experience in constructing PC2 and PC3 laboratories and associated works, and worked closely with the design team to ensure the successful results which were achieved in the final compliance testing.
In addition to the complexity of constructing PC2 & PC3 laboratories, the project had to be delivered within a fully operating university environment. This required a diligent focus on the safety of students, staff and other visitors to the building, by ourselves as contractors but also all subcontractors on the job. Pedestrian and traffic management was handled with minimal interruption to other occupants of the building and surrounding areas.
The quality of built result, the more than satisfactory compliance testing of the PC2 and PC3 labs, plus the management of the operational environmental all contributed to the high level of satisfaction reported by the University of Queensland as client.

Pfizer Utilities Infrastructure Project

Mumbai – India

Infrastructure upgrade throughout Pfizer’s 23 Acre Mumbai facility. Included was Roads, drains, paths, lighting and landscaping, a gatehouse security building, meter room to house the incomers for the 22kV site power from the local authorities and a cable, 350m from the meter room to the Panel room which houses all the site wide electrical distribution panels and transformer, a pipe rack runs throughout the site providing services to all buildings. Adjacent the panel room are 2 1200kVA diesel generators for 100% power backup, a fuel oil tank farm provides fuel oil for the generators, diesel fire pump and boilers.
A 750m3 water tank and a pump-house supply water to the site and fire sprinkler and fire hydrant systems to all of the buildings throughout the site. A utilities building houses the Soft water filtration system and associated plant and equipment, services are provided from this building to all the others. This project was not required originally as all services were provided from the adjacent facility however part way through construction all services to the site were terminated which made this project a necessity.

Pfizer PSB 2

Mumbai – India

A 2 level Pharmaceutical Sciences building of approximately 7,000m2. The facility includes laboratories for process chemistry and safety, Hydrogenation, Scale up unit, QC Lab and Analytical, BMS and IT server rooms and stability ovens and technical space including 30 air handling units, 11 Scrubber units for fume extraction, UPS with battery back-up and Vacuum skid. Two atria provide natural light to laboratories.
The building also houses meeting rooms and Conference room with Audio visual facilities, staff amenities, canteen, document storage and an acoustic treated training room.

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