Cockram and Scenario Continue to Ride the Theme Park Boom

June 27, 2018

Fresh from the success of the major works at Shanghai Disneyland, Cockram and Scenario (Cockram’s majority-owned Themepark Contracting entity), ‘Scenario Cockram’ continues to expand its Operations globally. Whilst major works are on-going at iconic Themeparks in California and Orlando a new project in China has recently commenced. This 22,000m2 indoor attraction in Zhuhai, China for the Lisun Group, is based on the Lionsgate brand. Scenario Cockram is providing full Turnkey Services in conjunction with the Thinkwell Group who are the Creative Designers and overall Project Managers. In this instance, Cockram China is the General Contractor for the project.

The scale and quality of the project are best depicted in the creative work developed by Thinkwell.

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