Breaking Ground For Zoetis Again!

June 27, 2018

Zoetis Suzhou – Ground Breaking Ceremony conducted 25th April 2018

More than 20 years since we managed the last green fields manufacturing facility for Zoetis in Suzhou (known as Upjohn Suzhou Animal Health back then – later acquired by Pfizer / then Publically Listed), Cockram is yet again breaking ground on a major Animal Health facility. This latest investment by Zoetis is a 77,520 m2 facility to serve local and international markets. With design nearing completion by PM Group and EDRI, the handover was exceptionally smooth to the Cockram PCM Team who will manage the Construction activities through to completion in December 2019.

“…The relationship Cockram has with Pfizer affiliated companies is particularly pleasing and spans our entire history in China…”    “…it would be difficult to find a time period where we were not managing a major investment for Pfizer or an affiliated company in China this past 25 years…” added Robert Sirgiovanni, Cockram’s Asia Vice President.