A Benchmark for Central China

June 27, 2018

Some 30 Years after establishing a major Manufacturing Facility in Xian, China, Xian Jansen (part of the J&J Group of Companies) embarked on another major investment in central China to relocate the successful facility it created all those years before. The highly automated, major facility is certain to be a benchmark for the region and has already received many accolades from the city and local government offices.

What was a tremendous effort by the Project Team over a number of years has produced a most impressive facility that will serve J&J well into the future. The overall project team led by J&J Senior Management comprised Cockram as Procurement and Construction Managers, Jacobs Engineering as Lead Designers, EDRI as LDI and a number of specialist Consultants.

“…We knew it would be a challenge to manage such a major and complex facility in the traditional city of Xian. The quality achieved is truly eye-catching and a credit to the Project Team, not to mention amassing a 5 Million Man hour Lost Time Injury Free Construction Period….” Remarked Robert Sirgiovanni. “…..It would not have been possible without the support and cooperation from our strategic client. Our relationship with J&J in China spans 2 decades and I’m pleased to report we have just been awarded another Laboratory project in China to manage with our strategic client…”