2.5 Million Man Hours LTI Free… Pfizer Hangzhou!

June 27, 2018

Pfizer Hangzhou – $180M USD investment in China. Due for completion July 2018.

Cockram and Pfizer are fittingly proud of this latest milestone on the major project in Hangzhou. The new Global Biotechnology Facility has been an engineering and Construction Management showcase for China and the Global Industry. Designed by Jacobs Engineering and EDRI, the 56,989 m2 facility incorporates GE Kubio prefabricated pods and is rapidly approaching completion. Given the complexity of the project and both Pfizer & Cockram’s high safety and quality standards, Cockram adopted a substantial Construction Management Team which has once again delivered the results Pfizer and Cockram are known for.

The effort and result were appropriately recognized by Michael J. West, Pfizer’s Global EHS Director for Environment, Health & Safety, who stated:

“….I have never been associated with one (major project) that has accomplished what you have when it comes to safety. It has been an amazing accomplishment, only possible through the dedication of everyone from the back offices to the front lines.”