Auckland District Health Board LabPLUS, Pathology and Diagnostic PC3 Facility

LabPLUS is the tertiary referral medical laboratory of Auckland City Hospital, New Zealand. LabPLUS is an IANZ accredited medical laboratory and is one of New Zealand’s premier laboratories. The scope involved the construction of a new LabPLUS PC3 facility as a standalone suite within a new additional level atop of the existing hospital building (Building 31), within the Auckland City Hospital Campus in Grafton. The PC3 facility is primarily a ‘Box in a Box’ construction and its isolation from the primary ‘Shell’ facility is maximised through isolation of walls and ceilings from the adjacent shell structure to address conditions posed through ever present seismic conditions in NZ. The PC3 Compartment comprises a large primary work suite with BHC’s, Warm cabinets, centrifuges, incubators, Pass-through Hatch; Decontamination Chamber, Autoclave, Fridges & a dedicated staining sink with integral waste effluent treatment system. It also includes two smaller suites for Culture and Microscopy, directly adjacent to the larger primary suite. The project was delivered within a fully operational environment.  Cockram’s prior experience in these types of projects has also resulted in the project benefitting from a considerable degree of Value Engineering.