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PC3 Laboratories, Faculty of Medicine and Health Science, University of Auckland

The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences refurbishment at The University of Auckland comprises of 3 buildings, approximately 800sqm per floor, linked via a common ‘spine’ at each of the 6 levels per building. Cockram Construction were engaged to deliver a specialised component of this refurbishment in the form of 100 square metres of PC3 laboratories in Building 502.
When complete, the faculty will accommodate Integrative Physiology, Sensory Physiology, Infection and Immunology with PC3 facility, Bone and Reproduction, Pharmacy and Pharmacology and the ‘Liggins’ Cancer Institute.
The construction took place with a second (main) local contractor delivering the bulk of building refurbishment and required close cooperation amongst the delivery teams.

As with most University projects, the project also had to be delivered within an operating educational environment.

Cockram’s prior experience in these types of projects has resulted in a considerable degree of knowledge transfer, particularly given this was the University’s first PC3 laboratory.