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Cancer Biology Imaging Facility, Institute of Molecular Bioscience, University of Queensland

The Institute for Molecular Bioscience is a world-class research institute located at The University of Queensland, in Brisbane, Australia. The IMB’s mission is to decipher the information contained in the genes, proteins and molecules of humans, animals and plants.

Cockram Construction was chosen as the contractor to deliver a new imaging centre within level 6 of the Bioscience Precinct. The works were carried out within a fully operational laboratory facility. These works included:
A new imaging Centre in the north block which is within an operational physical containment level 2 (PC2) certified office of gene technology, regulator (OGTR) and AS2243.3 microbiology laboratory. The project was funded via a $2.5 million grant from the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) and has been used to establish a world-class imaging centre. The grant will make the ACRF Dynamic Biology Imaging Facility the most advanced imaging research facility in the southern hemisphere. It will allow researchers to study the progression of cancer cells and their interactions with healthy cells.
The imaging centre laboratory walls were built within a PC2 lab environment in which air conditioning systems, service systems and fire & OHS safety systems continued to operate, therefore dust minimization during the project was paramount to avoid any contamination of adjacent workspaces.
The existing ceiling space was to be maintained in a clean state as it was a return air plenum.