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University of Qld, Goddard Building, TERN & Insectary PC2 & PC3 Labs

Cockram Construction were contracted by the University of Queensland to complete the full strip out and demolition of the pre-existing fit-out and services to Level 1 of the Goddard Building, making way for the new fit-out which included the installation of new PC3 & PC2 laboratories, office space and work areas.
The Cockram Construction team brought to the job their depth of experience in constructing PC2 and PC3 laboratories and associated works, and worked closely with the design team to ensure the successful results which were achieved in the final compliance testing.
In addition to the complexity of constructing PC2 & PC3 laboratories, the project had to be delivered within a fully operating university environment. This required a diligent focus on the safety of students, staff and other visitors to the building, by ourselves as contractors but also all subcontractors on the job. Pedestrian and traffic management was handled with minimal interruption to other occupants of the building and surrounding areas.
The quality of built result, the more than satisfactory compliance testing of the PC2 and PC3 labs, plus the management of the operational environmental all contributed to the high level of satisfaction reported by the University of Queensland as client.